About conference

Management of the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Gdańsk has an honour to invite the scientific circle and media employees to participate in an international conference.


Pomerania 2019

Gdańsk, 21th-22th of October 2019

Problems of media, their relations, changes and influence they have on business, language, culture and society is taken up in scientific research more frequently those days. It also occurs in economical, political and cultural discussions. Constant interest in media creates new challenges for the analysis of, for sure attractive, but also difficult matter.

A particular challenge may be the revolutionary changes happening due to technological development which affect the transformation of current media and their planned reception which is the place of constant fight to gain addressees attention. This status quo explains the need of exchanging views and experience in a varied group of people discussing technological, cultural and economical processes.

The intention of the organizers is to present those issues in many different media-oriented perspectives. Therefore, we invite scientific workers, theoreticians and practitioners including students of journalistic faculties to whom we dedicate the panel “Youth in media, business, culture”, believing that their performance may become a contribution to promising research on the shape and functioning of nowadays media.

Conference venue:
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gdansk, Bażynskiego 4, Gdańsk

Social event: visiting the European Solidarity Centre

Scientific Committee of the Conference:

Prof. Wiktor Pepliński – president

Prof. Jolanta Maćkiewicz

Prof. Radosław Pawelec

Prof. Jadwiga Puzynina

Prof. Teresa Sasińska-Klas

Prof. Elżbieta Wierzbicka-Piotrowska

Prof. Michał Dróżdż

Prof. Józef Majewski

Prof. Małgorzata Molęda-Zdziech

Prof. Anna Ryłko-Kurpiewska

Prof. Dariusz Konrad Sikorski

Prof. Zbigniew Treppa

Prof. Jan Kreft

Prof. Małgorzata Łosiewicz


Committee of organizers:

Alina Kietrys, red

Beata Czechowska- Derkacz, PhD

Prof. Małgorzata Łosiewicz

Prof. Anna Ryłko-Kurpiewska

Jacek Wojsław, PhD

Paweł Kozielski, PhD

Konrad Knoch, PhD

Michalina Rutka, PhD

Magdalena Iwanowska, MA

Aleksandra Żukowska, MA

Marta Kokoszczyńska, MA